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LO: to write instructions using first, next and last.

Read (or watch the YouTube clip) the story ‘Peace at Last!’ by Jill Murphy. Encourage the children to join in with the sounds that Mr Bear hears throughout the story and the repeated refrain 'Oh no! I can't stand this.' Ask the children if they recognise any of the characters from the story ‘Whatever Next!’ also by Jill Murphy which we read last week.


  • Why can't Mr Bear get to sleep?
  • Do you find it difficult to get to sleep?
  • What do you do when you can't sleep?
  • How do you think Mr Bear felt when the alarm clock went off in the morning?
  • Who is snoring in the book?
  • Which animals did Mr Bear hear in the garden?
  • Why do you think those animals were awake at night?
  • Mr Bear says 'I can't stand this.' What does he mean?
  • Do you have an alarm clock?
  • What sound does your clock make?
  • Mrs Bear brings Mr Bear a cup of tea in the morning. What do you drink when you wake up?
  • The book is called Peace at Last. Do you think this is a good name for the book?


Talk to the children about how sleep is very important and discuss how Mr Bear was feeling when he had no sleep that night. Talk about how we need to get ready to relax and have a good nights sleep to keep ourselves healthy. Ask the children about how they get ready for bed - what routines do you have? For example, have a bath, put pyjamas on, have a hot chocolate, brush teeth, read a story etc.


Write down instructions for getting ready for bed for Mr Bear to follow using the words ‘First, next and Last’ to begin each instruction and use numbers to show the order, e.g:


First, have a bath.



Last, close your eyes.