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LO: to know that the Jesus' Presentation at the Temple was a special occasion for Jesus and his family.


Jesus’ presentation at the Temple.  Gospel reference: Luke 2:29-32


Ask: Have you ever broken the rules? What are some rules that are hard to follow?  Maybe you weren’t able to stop talking to a your friend when your teacher asked you to be quiet. Or maybe you were asked to go and clean your room but you just had to finish watching your favourite TV show. Give children time to feedback.  Explain that it is difficult to always follow the rules but we’re going to hear a story about Jesus when he was a young boy. We’ll talk about how Jesus obeyed perfectly to save us from our sin. Even though we are imperfect and can’t obey God like we should, God shows us grace and forgiveness through Jesus - Jesus is the Light of the World.


Read the story below.


Do we know what Salvation means? “Salvation” means rescue from danger or harm.
Ask: What do we need saving from? (Sin) What do you think Simeon meant when he said he had seen the Lord’s salvation?

God brings us salvation through Jesus, and God had allowed Simeon to see Jesus face to face! Simeon said that Jesus would be a light for the Gentiles (or non-Jewish people).


That means that Jesus came to save everyone from their sin! Remember, Jesus obeyed perfectly to save us from our sin.   Jesus it the Light of the World!

If we continue reading in the book of Luke we hear a story of Jesus when he’s a bit older. Every year Mary and Joseph took Jesus to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover Feast. (Passover was a celebration to remember God rescuing His people from Egypt.)  Ask children if they remember the story when Jesus was lost in the temple?  Mary and Joseph were upset looking for him but Jesus knew he was doing his Father’s work in the Temple.  Jesus grew up to be wise and always obeyed perfectly to save us from our sin.  Jesus is the Light of the World!


It is very difficult for us to always obey so perfectly, but through Baptism we can learn to follow the example of Jesus and, by joining God’s family we know that Jesus obeyed perfectly to save us from our sin and that he, is the Light of the World.


Complete the candle activity below with your family.

Topic 1

LO: to know that we see differently at night due to less light

Read 'Night Monkey, Day Monkey'. Discuss how things seem different in the day and in the night and why did the Day Monkey make so many mistakes? Talk about how light enables us to see things clearly because light enters our eyes.  Complete the activity sheet and discuss how the shape and size of the objects tricked the Monkeys.


Topic 2

LO: To sort different sources of light

Look at the PowerPoint Presentation about different sources of light. Explain that some objects e.g. the Moon reflect light and some e.g. a candle creates it's own light.  Complete the activity, discussing which are light sources and then order the light sources in order of brightness.

Topic 3

LO: represent day and night through collage

Gather as many pictures or objects that represent day and night - make a collage for daytime and night time on large sheets and discuss reasons why your child thinks they represent the different times of day.