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LO: To write sentences that can be read by myself and others.


Share the story ‘Penguin on Holiday by Salina Yoon.


Questions to ask:

Why do you think Penguin wants to go on holiday?

Why do people go on holiday?

What do Penguin and Crab do on their holidays?

What activities do you like to do on holiday?

How does Penguin remember his holiday?

Have you ever brought something back from holiday as a souvenir?


Ask the children to compare the two holidays that Penguin and Crab have in the story. Ask them to talk about which holiday they would prefer and why.


Discuss the activities that Penguin and Crab did on their holidays and create a bank of words, such as sandcastle, surf, fish and snowman.

Have a look at some postcards and/or show the children the postcard presentation. 


Explain that they will write a postcard home from Crab or Penguin to explain what they did on their holiday.  Model writing an enlarged postcard for children.


Encourage the children to use the pictures in the story and the word bank to create their sentences. The children could decorate the back of their postcard with a beach or snowy picture.