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Learning Objective: To know that at the celebration of Baptism the person being baptised receives a white garment and that this symbolises God’s love and care for the person.


In Reception the children learned that Baptism is a beginning and a welcome into the Church. Using photos explore what takes place at a Baptism. Focus the children’s attention on the clothing.

Why are clothes important to us? What do they do for us?

Explore the baptismal clothing. Explain to the children that the white garment worn at Baptism is symbolic of God’s love and care.

Explain that white is the colour of Easter and that Baptism is a celebration of Jesus’ new life.

Talk to the children about the importance of water. What do we use water for? What would we do without it?

Explain that the water poured over the head at Baptism is a sign of God giving the person being baptised a special share in his life.



Draw the different symbols involved in Baptism and write what they symbolise