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Share the story of Jesus attending a wedding and turning water into wine.

Think of a time when you have attended a wedding as a family.  If you have not been to a wedding together, talk to your child about a wedding you have attended and what happens at a wedding - share pictures if you have any.


Look at the Christian weddings powerpoint and then design a wedding card.

Topic 1

Talk about a time you may have been to a theatre or what a theatre is showing pictures if possible. 


Make an area to look like a theatre and get snacks ready for an at home pantomime performance. Prepare children by explaining the style of a pantomime and that we can join in with booing the baddies, the 'he's behind you' and the 'Oh no it isn't' 


Watch CBeebies pantomime of Cinderella:

Topic 2

Show children the Fairy tale character picture cards. Ask them to describe the characters and say what they know about them and the stories they are from.  When you have explored the cards, model how to play a game of Who's who? Place the cards face down and pick a card but keep the identity of the character to themselves. Then ask questions to reveal the identity of the character. For example, 'Is the character good? Is the character a girl? Does the character have long hair?' Swap and support the children in forming their questions when it's their turn to do this. The person holding the card can only answer by saying yes or no.


  • Who is the character in the picture?
  • Do you know what story the character is from?
  • What do you know about the character?
  • Which characters are goodies in the story?
  • Which characters are baddies?
  • What is a baddy?
  • Which character do you like the most?
  • Why do you like this character?


The cards can also be used to play snap.

Topic 3

Sing a variety of songs and nursery rhymes relating to fairy tales. These can include familiar nursery rhymes and songs, such as When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears and There was a princess long ago. Talk to the children about their favourite songs and why they like them. 


Which fairy tale songs do you know?

What is your favourite song?

PE - Dance

Using the ‘I’m a Little Teapot Nursery Rhyme Poster’, teach children the words to the nursery rhyme. Practise this so the children become confident when singing it.


Ask the children to perform the traditional actions to the song e.g. making the teapot with their hands and bodies and tipping the tea out. Children should practise this so they are confident performing the actions.


Explain to the children that we can perform dances in different ways. Ask them to walk around the room in a ‘sad’ way or a ‘happy’ way. Talk about how they walked differently.


Next, ask the children to perform the rhyme ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ in a ‘sad’ way, then a ‘happy’ way.

Explain to the children that as well as changing our dance emotions, e.g. making the dance sad or happy, we can also perform it in a different style.  


The children should now practise performing the same rhyme in a ballet style. Ask the children if they can think about how to do this – prompt the children to point their toes, lengthen their arms and control their movements so they are a little slower. The children may have their own ideas about a ballet style – it is fine to use these ideas.