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week: 30.03.20


Shape hunt. Hide the shapes around your house and have your child look for them. If they are struggling think of some clues to help them. Once they have found the shapes see if they can recognise them. Then move on to how they know what shape is what? Count the sides etc to help. Then have a go at seeing if you can find these shapes in real objects around the house. 


Today we are looking at repeated patterns. Start by seeing if you can find some repeated patterns in your home. Then have a look at the sheet below. See if your child can continue some of the repeated patterns. Focus on the first two to begin with. Then move onto the third. If your child can do these with ease then consider moving on to the final patterns which will be more difficult. Finally challenge your child to making a repeated pattern of their own. This can be done with anything e.g. toys, fruit printing, paint, threading beads, lego etc. Challenge them further by increasing the amount that the pattern needs to be repeated for. For example start off with green, red, green and red. Then eventually if they are able, you could move onto yellow, green, red, orange etc. 


Today we will be introducing something new, halving. This can be quite a difficult concept for children to get their heads around so we will start with halving shapes. Visually this is a good way of introducing the topic of halving. Tomorrow we will be moving onto halving numbers. Follow the PowerPoint below before moving onto applying what they have just learnt by practically halving fruit and food. There is a sheet below which follows the same principle but your child will retain the information so much better if they are practically halving. 


After halving shapes yesterday today we will be halving numbers and quantities. Run through yesterday’s PowerPoint emphasising the idea that when we halve things, we get two equal parts. Complete the sheet below, feel free to draw up your own versions where you can either simplify the work if your child is struggling or increase the challenge if they are finding it too easy. 


Pick one or more of the challenges below to complete.