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Villa Vitality Continued!

15 July 2009

On the 15th July, Year 5 completed their Villa Vitality Programme on healthy living by visiting the Aston Villa Football Ground again. It was a truly memorable day for all of us - packed full with different activities which included making our own healthy lunch.

We prepared and cooked our own chicken and vegetable balti with boiled rice and for dessert we made fresh fruit salad with yoghurt. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal and polished off seconds too!

To burn off some of our calories, we did a circuit round the Youth Gym. After being shown how to use the exercise machines correctly and safely, we gently toned up our muscles and had lots of fun 'working out'.

We then rehearsed our songs and raps on healthy living (that we had written back at school for Day 2 of the Villa Vitality Programme), before going into the TV studio to perform and record them for our school.

What an exhilerating day! We are so grateful to AVFC for giving us such a great opportunity to change our life styles for a healthier future.


After washing our hands, cap and gowning and being shown how to use the knives correctly, one group carefully prepared all the colourful and healthy vegetables for the balti.



It was important to listen and watch the demonstrations on how to use the machines correctly to stretch and exercise our muscles safely.



Recording our songs and raps on healthy living with real cameras in the TV studio was a brilliant IT experience.


These two boys weren't daunted by all the dials and switches and successfully recorded all our performances onto a CD in the TV studio.

Here, we listened to words of wisdom from one of the Villa coaches on the importance of exercise and a good balanced diet.

Another group prepared the juicy fruit for the fresh fruit salad. A few grapes and strawberries went missing along the way... sorry!