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Health Workshops

May (and July) 2014

Using funding from the Big Lottery and in conjunction with Life Education, each class and their parents took part in Health Workshops from 20 to 22 May 2014 (Year 6 was 4 July).

The workshops were fun and interactive encouraging families to make healthy life style choices. The parents thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and commented:

  • "The activities with my son were enjoyable."
  • "It has been very interesting and educational."
  • "It was fun being able to see him enjoy himself with healthy food."
  • "It was nice to work together with my child and see different activities."

Changes they will make:

  • "I will change portion sizes on plates."
  • "Consider how much sugar is in things that I thought were healthy."
  • "Exercise more and eat less sugary foods."
  • "I will now add a range of fruit and vegetables to dinners."

One family from each class had the chance to win a hand blender. The winners were:

  • Reception - Anayah
  • Year 1 - Daren
  • Year 2 - Harry
  • Year 3 - Tremaine
  • Year 4 - Kyle
  • Year 5 - Sean