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Enabling Enterprise Celebration Day

Many Thanks to all the parents and family members who came into school this afternoon to share in our Enabling Enterprise celebration. The children have been working hard on their enterprise skills and have put those skills into practise through their projects. Approximately £100 has been raised from the Café in year 2 and the chocolate companies in year 4 – the children will decide where this money goes or how it will be used.

Parents feedback

“Absolutely fantastic. ”

“I think developing a child’s view of life after school is very valuable. Using different methods of learning is key to opening young minds.”

“It was so fantastic to be able to see first hand the hard work Archie and his classmates produced – It is obvious that they have enjoyed every part of the project; they were brimming with pride.”

“Enabling Enterprise is a wonderful idea for the children as it gives them a sense of independence. Great motivator for confidence building.”